A Shepherd’s Ending

“I hope somebody does for you, what you just did for me.” -John Locke (speaking to Jack Shepherd)

Jack’s story began with his father, ended with his father, with almost every struggle in between related to his father. Starting with Austrailia, to find his dad; Jack’s decision to do right thing still didn’t remove the overwhelming guilt he felt when his father died. Fresh with this struggle he was brought to the Island, only to see visions of his dad walking through the jungle..

After returning home as part of the Oceanic Six, his family had the funeral for him. But at that funeral he learned that Claire was his sister; another burden to carry due to his Father. He already feels responsible for those he left behind, but now knowing who Claire is, makes his new life off the island carry that much less of meaning. Next, meeting Locke as a patient at the hospital. “You’re Father says hey” took him to a new level of insanity. That night he booked a flight to Austrailia (Ben told Locke..)

So His Father brought him to the Island, He brought him back to the Island, and…

Brought him home. Charlie knew where he was when he met Claire. Hurley, when he met Libby. Sawyer, Juliet. For all of them, it was somebody they knew and fell in love with on the island. For Jack, it was somebody he loved his entire life. For all of them, it was somebody that was alive, or at least thought was alive. For Jack, it was somebody who had died. Jack was so stubborn, he had to see him resurrected; Jack was both the saviour of the group, and the doubting Thomas. Christian did to Jack, what Jack did for Locke..

And when Jack hugged his Dad, his first question was “Are you real?” Christian’s hug and smile, and a sarcastic “I sure hope I’m real!” assured Jack, and me, that the seemingly impossible to happen, happened.

It assured me, not because I don’t believe in heaven, I already do.. But because I witnessed the dead being on the Island, and many times those dead we came to find out really weren’t real at all. A White Rabbit masquerading as Jack’s Dad. In that way, this new world is that much more real than the Island. And in that way, the story has a happy ending, in THE END.

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

19 thoughts on “A Shepherd’s Ending

  1. Way to incorperate Christian into a more important role. I’ve always thought that he was going to appear at the end simply because of how important he was at the beginning when the entire story was unfolding. I never in a million years thought we’d see him at the end of the show in this manner though. The ending was extremely unexpected. If that’s all the writers were going for….A+ to them.

    This is where the show gets too confusing again. I’d like to think that MIB was in fact Christian on the island every single time. Yet, we hear whispers when Christian shows up on the freightor. Therefore, are whispers always associated with MIB? Was Michael’s encounter with hurley in this last season actually MIB? Am I making any sense?

  2. Nice Stuff Bobt,

    Christian was like the bookends to Jacks story, much like the shot of his eye. Alot of Jacks problems stemmed from his relationship with his father, so i guess its fitting that its him who finally tells Jack to ‘let go’.

    And chief i kinda forgot about Christian on the freighter, i’m thinking that was the only time it was the real Christian, rather than MIB.

  3. Very possible Shepard’s Flocke. Why would MIB form Christian while talking to Michael anyway? It’s not like it would have had any real effect on Michael.

    So that would mean Christian’s spirit was stuck on the island though. Was there a time when Christian’s spirit would have been freed from the island in order to meet with all the losties in the FSW/purgatory?

  4. Chief, that is a good question: “was there a time when Christian’s spirit would have been freed from the island?”…

    I have been mulling over what kept the dead (specifically Michael) trapped as whispers on the island and it seems somewhat related. The thing that really stuck out to me in that scene with Michael and Hurley was the fact that Michael still felt the guilt and remorse of killing Libby, it wasn’t only the reveal about the whispers. I wonder if part of what we can infer from that scene is that one’s own guilt actually has a ‘supernatural’ type of power that traps them…more than any power that can be ascribed to MIB or Jacob. It seems like it is possible…partly because Flocke was so unnerved by Desmond’s lack of fear at the well scene. Anyway… I hope that makes sense, because I really wonder if there is something similar with Christian on the freighter.

    We know MIB/Flocke was a liar and used lies to further his own agenda. Therefore, I think it’s in the realm of possibility that Christian on the freighter was not MIB even though he told Jack he was appearing as Christian. (But I don’t think that Michael was MIB.)

    Beyond that, I agree with Shephards Flocke in Christian’s role with Jack. Christian’s role in Jack’s life did not end when he (Christian) died, and based on the flashbacks we were shown of Christian’s attempts to reconcile with Jack before he went to Australia in the first place makes me think that Christian had his own guilt and issues to work through before he could move on. That’s why I liken it back to Michael and his guilt. Sure Michael had a direct link to the island, but I think Christian is one of the most important non-island people that has influenced the journeys of the Losties. So perhaps in a cyclical way, Christian’s tie to the island was freed when Jack was able to let go and sacrifice himself despite all the seemingly unresolved issues in his life – especially ones related to his dad. In a way, the afterlife/church scene was the final coming together and letting go for these two that didn’t get everything worked out the first time around and the island (with it’s light = life, death, rebirth) helped make it possible.

    All of this is obvious conjecture and I have no idea if I am even making sense in writing it out. In my head it kind of works. 🙂

  5. Chief, shephards_flocke, Kimberly,
    Thanks for the comments, and I’m so pleased this has stimulated discussion..I wrote this theory (if you can call it a theory hehe) simply out of curiousity of Locke’s statement in The End “hope somebody does for you, what you did for me”.. I watched that scene, got the quote right, then ended up watching the remainder to The End, 45 minutes that I didn’t originally plan on.. Needless to say, watching it from that scene on, The End was spectacular.. What I got by watching it in that way is what I think the writers wanted us to understand about the characters..and the entire character story.. And like you said Chief, writers get an A+ for that part of the story, for the whole father-son struggle with Jack and his Dad..

    But now on to the good stuff..more theorizing and observations (see my next comment)..

  6. @Chief
    You bring up good observation about whispers and Christian on the freighter. There’s also a mobisode on the Season 4 DVD, mobisode#13 “So it begins” (writers consider mobisodes as canon).. It shows Christian walking through the bamboo nearby Jack just after the crash.. don’t remember any whispers. I just can’t imagine that scene of Christian being MIB…Although in Season 4, we all thought every scene of Christian was actually Christian..

    I’d like to think there’s much more going on than simply MIB “imitating” people.. I mean, for him to say to young Jacob “don’t tell me what I can’t do” made me think there’s got to be a John Locke simmering inside somewhere… Here’s a good question: If MIB did NOT die, would the real John Locke been able to make it to the church? What if John was first “claimed” (remember that word from Dogen?), then he was imitated. Maybe Christian was just claimed, but NOT imitated? Under an influence, but not replicated by MIB? Then once MIB died maybe Christian was free to go too..

    Another scene I think of: MIB-Christian holding baby Aaron, Claire wakes up and sees Christian, “Dad?” she says..What the heck did Christian tell her to convince to go as far as abandoning Aaron in tree?! Must have been something spectacular..

    The mirrored version of that scene I’m sure occured in the Alt reality..

    Claire gives birth to Aaron in the Alt not realizing that she’s dead..I’m thinking then there was Christian, a better non-imitated non-infected Christian, who also told her something spectacular, enough to leave Aaron aside to come into the church 🙂

  7. @chief
    just read through your comment again, I feel like I didn’t address your questions..
    Yes you are making sense..I don’t believe whispers are associated with MIB. I believe when there are whispers, there’s actually another dimension opening up to hear voices of the dead, meaning more than one person being dead therefore whispers instead of whisper. Although, one soul can appear at that moment, such as Michael, Christian, Libby.

    I believe in that dimension, the living can move through too. The Others hold the knowledge of how to do this. They did it at the end of Season 2, when they darted the Losties.. Also, end Season 4 when they attacked the Freighter soldiers. Also, when the Goodwin’s wife appeared in the woods to speak with Juliet..

    So anyways, where there’s whispers, less chance being MIB, in my opinion.
    You said “I’d like to think that MIB was in fact Christian on the island every single time.” I’d actually like to believe it was Christian the entire time, only influenced by MIB. It would be confusing, if there are instances of both happening, which I’m afraid is the truth…which is why theorizing about this subject is difficult..

  8. @kimberly from Portland
    It’s good to see your posts again..
    You brought up excellent points.

    1. Love what you said “one’s own guilt actually has a ’supernatural’ type of power that traps them.” Makes so much sense.. That was the weapon Smokey used, and if he couldn’t use it against you, he couldn’t use you. I’m so perplexed about the whispering souls trapped on the island; I mean, the light is right there! The island is the source of the light, go to the light! Leave! So it’s not that they don’t know how to leave, something more influential is keeping them there… They hang out right next to light, but don’t go into light… Kind of like Ben, sitting next to church, not going into church (maybe not same thing, at least Ben has opportunity to work through his problems..)

    2. MIB is a liar, therefore maybe lying about being Christian (at least some of the time).. Right on! I had the same thoughts..

    3. Christian’s guilt trapping him on island..Excellent! It’s tough to think back to Season 1 Christian. I remember he was so ashamed, he did not have the courage to call jack from Austrailia, to tell him that he still loves him. To speak to Jack again means to own up to his issues and at same time receive love.. That’s why he fled to Austrailia, to get away, to drink away.. So it was the perfect dynamic of shame; Jack would chase him to rescue him, and because he still needed him for approval, but Christian would rather run and hide. And that dynamic was still happening, even when he passed..

    Wow, can’t believe I’m writing all this!

    Thanks again Kimberly!

  9. bobt,

    My very first thought the morning after the finale had to do with Michael and Ben, so yes, I actually think that Ben is not yet letting go of his guilt which is why he didn’t go in the church. I know people can also argue that he wants to go in with Alex and Danielle, and is waiting for them to awaken. Sure, we’ll never know. But the Ben outside of the church had a similar heaviness to him, and considering that his awakenings seemed to spur a sense of remorse, I think he has some guilt that he needs to let go of before he can move on. (I also think that is why his version of life in the Sideways was so very opposite of his life on the island…he now cares for his dad, as a teacher he invests in others versus using them for his own gain, etc.) Anyway, as I said, I think there is a strong correlation between Michael who couldn’t move on and Ben who was not ready to move on.

    And yes, you also completely articulated what I was getting at with Jack and Christian. I think it is easy to forget about early (alive) Christian because we kept trying to figure out who this dead guy was that kept appearing. He really was at the heart of all matters related to Jack pre-island, on-island and off-island. The power of their relationship trumps the ‘power’ or influences of MIB AND Jacob, and the Jack of the second half of season 6 started to grasp that after his smashing mirror rampage.

  10. @kimberly,
    great thoughts!
    yes I think we’re kind of on the same page, both Ben and Michael are both prevented from moving on because of remorse..

    But I think Ben will take this opportunity to continue living out his alternate life. He has so much to do, for Alex specifically. Think about this; maybe when all of the Lost characters became “aware” of their death, they also realized who and what was real in the alternate life. Jack realized he really didn’t have a son. Locke might of realized his fiance already died and moved on. But perhaps Ben realizes Alex really is Alex! And when Alex comes to, maybe he could have the same moment with her as Jack had with his Dad..hopeful thinking I guess, hey that’s the best thing about theorizing now! Whose to say I’m wrong?!

    Locke saying “I forgive you” to Ben before going into the church meant more than anything to Ben. It would mean so much more if Alex could say those same words!

    And that, I believe, is the difference between those trapped on island and Ben. Those trapped on island have no way to work out their issues. They seem to be more “aware” than other souls, they observe reality, people living their real lives..they can talk to people like Hurley..

  11. I’m going with my I’ve always thought – Christian Wasn’t supposed to be Nemesis.
    I believe Christian would initially have a much bigger/active part – I certainly expetcted to see more after his encounter with Sun and Frank(I think This MAY have been the point when they decided – but I’m not even convinced)

    the Lost Missing Peices(that I’m asuming you’ve all seen)Is supposed to be 100% canon. They are literally missing pesices of events on the Island – with our characters.

    Now, we know Nemesis is a good lier – but I don’t think he’d feel the need to decieve Vincent – nor make a remark to himself about his son having “Work to do..”

    No, Christian(On the frieghter at least)couldn’t have been Nemesis could he – he can’t move over water.

    Michael couldn’t die – couldn’t commit suicide and couldn’t even be murdered(Keamys gun jamming)he can back out of guilt – to help the ones he hurt.
    And he sacrifised himself for them.

    He sends Jin of to be with his wife and son to be child – this is his redemption-scene(Which made me chocked to hear he was “Cursed to stay” I don’t think that was ever the plan – just a quick way out to explain the Whispers, which btw I strongly believe was supposed to be something entirely else – possibly an overlapping demension/timeline – but not just – “the Dead” Makes absolutely no sense why – if they can appear clear as day(Harper/Jacob/Isabella/Eko(We don’t see him but Hurley plays chess with him)Charlie/Michael/Might be forgetting someone, but..Why wouldn’t they appear earlier and help more..?

    Now, Christian’s appearance here – I believe was Himself/the Island/Some “Good Entity” – anything but Nemesis.

  12. Here’s the thing…

    Ive been listening to old podcasts from ABC, and in the one before Across the Sea, Darlton is asked the question about dead people appearing on Lost…the answer basically states that Hurley was the only one who could see the dead, and if someone else saw the dead…than it was MIB/Smokie…

    Remember, this is before Across the Sea, so MIB seeing his mother does not play into this…

    It can be debated, but the creators gave their answer in that podcast…

  13. Good post btw Shep…I think that these were these peoples constants after the journey was all said and done…some remained the same, and others changed, but were all the things that got them to the next step in their journey…

  14. Chief, many of those appearances of supposedly dead people don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me either. But I think we can assume that most or all appearances to Hurley were different, they were simply spirits of dead people. Simple, huh?

  15. A.E.S. – absolutely – I know Hurley is the only one who can see them(didn’t bother to mention it though)but he was on the Island from the “beginning” Boone died pretty early on(and hiw voice have been heard commenting Shannon in the Whispers so…)
    My point is – they could have “come forward” to talk to Hurley anytime..

    One thing though – I can’t remember for sure, but doesn’t Nemesis admit to needing the body of the one he takes the appearence of – ON the Island..?

    I believe he says so to Jack(which may be why – the DI was ordered to bury bodys deep)”Why John Locke..? Bla, bla, bla – and you were nice enough to bring his body back..” We have Yemi, Alex, “Christian”

    So the first “Isabella” was most likely Richard simply being delirious. Not Nemesis being able to be in two places at once(And yes, I know we saw several small whiskers of Smoke – but that was a long time ago – and probably had a reason for them – THEN)

    Now, another thing if I’m not mistaking
    I think Damon and Cuse(though I find it hard to believe anything they say now)
    said – either in a podcast, or at comic-con that not all appearences on the Island was Nemesis(this was pre Nemesis-Locke though)and among those was ben’s Mother.. am I wrong – does anyone remember..?

  16. I guess if only Hurley can see the dead that would make Jacob’s little S’more’s session with the Final Four pretty hard to explain…..

  17. boogah11 – I now what you’re saying.
    But that was thanks to the Ashes(his own, right..?)

    I almost shit myself when I realized what Jacob was using it for – THEIR ONLY DEFENS AGAINST NEMESIS, wasted(though they didn’t need it in the end.)

    But I mean, what the Hell was the deal with the ashes..? Are we supposed to asume all the ashes we’ve seen(around the cabin – Bram’s, the Temple)all come from former Protectors – or what..?

    And why did it become useless in the Temple when Dogen died..?

  18. Yeah, AngiveL, the whole campfire, ashes, Jacob thing makes my head spin. I figured the ashes would be used in some final showdown to protect the eventual candidate, or Kate, or something cool like that.

    I need some damn answers, dammit. AES, tell me what happened and why please!

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