Food drops idea!

Quick one….just came to me……
Like Faradays experiment with the delay in the missile thing landing and the dead body from the freighter washing up before he died…. Were these clues to the food drop mystery????
Maybe this time delay/time travel type issue with things coming to the island is causing delays in food drops…maybe the drops were made in the 70’s landing now. But that would mean the Dharma’s wouldve been real hungry and died before the purge! Lol
So my theory is this…………..
The food drop is the same drop each time, it’s stuck in the same tine delay loop!
So the jar of peanut butter they eat is the exact bar they have already eaten!!!
This I think is the coolest LOST type of explanation of the food drops!
What do u think???

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12 thoughts on “Food drops idea!

  1. it probably has to do with the answer the writers were hinting at, but there are many problems here (as there are with many of the supposed “answers”)

    1) there is no evidence of the bubble around the island causing such a drastic time change.

    2) the expiration dates would have dates in the 70’s, which the survivors would definitely have noticed

    3) Wouldn’t the lack of food drops in the 70’s have been noticed by the DI at the time and consequently stop the food drops because of their lack of success? Even if they only did it once and it didn’t work, then why is there a radio device connected to the hatch that makes the blast doors come down?

  2. I kind of understand your thinking on this but a far better explanation, and simpler one, is that Widmore was responsible for the drops or the network of Others that worked of Island did them.

  3. The drops kept coming because Dharma knew someone was still pressing the button. Regardless of who it was in the swan, they needed to survive to keep the station in one piece (by pressing the button).

    It’s possible that Dharma (stateside) was planning another trip to the island at some point in order to retake their stations and resume testing.

    How did Dharma know the button was still being pushed? Perhaps they intercepted transmissions from the flame (or where ever Mikhail was stationed to communicate with the rest of the world). All the stations would’ve probably been inoperable if the button stopped being pushed.

    Honestly, I’m not sure why everyone’s curious about the food drops. There’s many more important mysteries in my eyes. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. Ya I’m with Chief and Achalli on this..I’m thinking the drops kept coming because the button kept being pushed…Although, I do believe there was something more conspiratorial going on here.. I believe the DI folks off the island were lead to believe all operations are continuing to run smoothly on the island, not just the button pushing. That was a heck of alot of food for one hatch! It started with the DI purge, and people like Ben Linus and Ethan who were both Others and inside the DI were able to pull off the deception to the outside world..just a theory..

    @Achalli, you said “Widmore was responsible for the drops or the network of Others that worked off Island did them”. Network of Others seems more plausible.. I believe Widmore didn’t know how to locate the island until Penny’s scientists saw the blip on the radar..

  5. Someone placed it there to look as though it had been dropped. The losties needed food, and that was one way to get them some. I think the others supplied the food. It’s the simplest, most boring solution.

  6. Season 5 bonus material kind of insinuates that as new manager of The Lampost Station, Eloise was responsible for funding and sending the food drops.

    I guess that makes sense… She was sending them for Desmond while he pushed the button.

  7. Even without that bonus material, look at what we have been shown within the show. Eloise was responsible for guiding Desmond to the island to push a button. Desmond was in fact pushing that button in a Dharma Station after Dharma’s existence had already ended on the island. And, later Eloise is shown to be running an off island Dharma Station that has the capabilities of predicting where the island is going to be.

    I hate to keep harping on the fact that I believe “most” of our questions have already been answered within the context of the show, and that it is up to us to see those answers… But, this looks like another answer to me! So, I am scratching this off my list of unsolved mysteries!

  8. I’m with elsewhere on this one mainly because we see Eloise running the Lamp Post. I think the DI in the 2000’s is defunct or completely infiltrated by Widmore/Others and that’s why/how we see Eloise using the Lamp Post. Eloise was clearly working with Widmore, their rocky relationship notwithstanding.

    Food drops were from Widmore/Eloise with a DI label.

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