MIB was not the first Smokey!

MIB was not the first Smokey;
‘mother’ knew that on entering the light it would be worst than death I.e the punishment of your soul being trapped as smoke, bodyless, and eternal hell.
‘mother’ clearly was the protector for many hundreds if not thousands of years. And would have witnessed lots on the island.
The Egyptians demonstrated in their hieroglyphs in the temple of a smokey with the Egyptian god. This clearly pre dates MIB and Jacob.
I believe the story has looped over and over again throughout history, each time the protector looking to hand over the island when they couldn’t do it any longer.
I believe the purpose of the show, showing us the Egyptian references was to highlight the age, or like some kind of prop to demonstrate that the story has been going since ancient times. So there was no need to explain or show us the Egyptian story.
I also believe (which I think back up my multiple smokey theory) that once the egyptians defeated the smokey they built the statue to worn others from landing on the island and then left themselves never to return! If you look up the statue of taweret one of it’s meaning is the warning of evil or the devil or something like that. In Richards flash back episode one of the slaves saw the statue and said something like, an island protected by the devil!
So many ‘mysteries’ are for us to asssume and work out ourselves.

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12 thoughts on “MIB was not the first Smokey!

  1. Just read my theory back and I lost track abit on my title! DOH!!!
    Basically there have been other smokeys and the history of the island backs this up, along with mothers apparent knowledge of what entering the light creates.

  2. Do you have a slight estimate as to when “Across the Sea” took place? How do we know it didn’t precede Egyptians coming to the island?

  3. The theories posted on this site (like this one) are fab in my humble. And I think the Lost officials also read theories online, may have been intimidated and were concerned their theories and ideas would not measure up nor could they assimilate them, if I were them, in clear conscience.

  4. I don’t think Egyptians were in the island before MIB and Jacob. You can see the same shore where the statue of Taweret is, but with no statue.

    The Egyptians were others that arrived after MIB was turned to smokey and they built the statue and the temple was initially built by them, maybe like some kind of protection from smokey, but apparently the temple was finished by Aztecan people later as the building reminds of their style. Possibly just the underground of the temple was made by Egyptians.

  5. I definitely think all the nods to Egyptian stuff was pointing to something, whether they were there before or after Jacob got there. I think most likely before, and agree that the game with the stones probably is linked back to them.

    I kind of agree with you and think that he was not the first smokey, and that its happened before.
    On the egyptian theme, i think the island was at one point the Egyptian ‘land of the dead’ where mens hearts are weighed to see if they are good or evil.
    Sounds alot like the black and white stones, and the way Dogen explained the infection.

  6. The knife that is wielded by Jacob’s brother is Roman and the earliest dates of it are 0 AD and on. Egpytians were 2000+BC I believe, so in terms of a “straight” timeline the Egyptian building would precede Jacob’s/Jacob’s brother’s people.

    That said, it is possible the island was moved and time was twisted, or even just by arriving time was twisted (like with Faraday’s missle test), meaning the Eyptians could have come afterwards even though they were from a time period before… so I guess its hard to say which with certainty.

  7. Just for your information, the LOST writers said that the events in the episode ‘Across the Sea’ happened around two millennia before those of the main storyline.

  8. I think the game that ‘mother’ gave MIB Boy was called SENET or SENAT. I read that it was a game played by Egyptians, which kinda backs up my theory. I cannot remember where I read the nsme of the game pos Lost Pedia

  9. I read a script synopsis from Across the Sea stating that the boys were born in 23AD, and the events of their adulthood seen in the episode are in 43AD.

    I think I remember also reading that Darlton admitted the “mistake” of including the Egyptian stuff earlier on when they didn’t know exactly where it was going. Even so, I do believe there is PLENTY of “wiggle-room” within the story to allow for Egyptian influences at some point, perhaps through time-travelling capabilities.

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