Reason why Jack had to put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet

Okay, I think most of us realised that the writers didn’t have complex explanation for most of the mysteries. The island was a cork, the whispers were ghosts, the number were numbers, etc, etc. So thinking about a simple explanation to the shoes mystery, I came to this conclusion.

MIB was manipulating Ben and the others, right? OK, so smokey wanted Locke’s body back to the island for using his body. Ben said that Jack should put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet because… that was the instructions MIB indirectly gave to Ben. Why? Simple solution: MIB wanted to use confortable shoes when he used Locke’s body. Remember he has been 2000 years in the island and never tried modern shoes. That was an excellent oportunity for that! After all MIB liked to walk because it made him remember when he was completely human. What a great chance to obtain a new body from the leader of the others and a fancy pair of shoes!

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8 thoughts on “Reason why Jack had to put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet

  1. haha I was hoping for an great explanation of one of the most ridiculous moments in Lost..I hope you’re not serious… still ridiculous until somebody can come up with something, anybody? Comments?

  2. I always thought it was so Ilana and her crew could tell Fake Locke from Real Locke. Real Locke’s body was buried with the shoes. They showed some close ups of Flocke’s shoes in the final couple of episodes. He was wearing hiking shoes. I actually expected there to be a scene in The End where Real Locke would come back to life and Jack would have to decide which one to kill. He would know which one to kill because the Real Locke would be wearing his Dad’s shoes which of course only he would know or recognize.

  3. I am sad and happy that I did not think of that myself, LOSTNole. I too had some sort of end moment like that in mind for Lost where someone had to make a “leap of faith” and possibly kill a loved one or friend. Sort of the Indiana Jones/Last Crusade moment where Indy has to choose which grail to drink from. Maybe the “Hurley and the Monster” spinoff series will shed some more light on this…

  4. You’re probably right LOSTNole! I am a little annoyed that a lot of things that seemed like big mystic mysteries like this, ended up not being trascendental after all. But that’s the way it is. It is still a fantastic series nonetheless and at last we’ll still have some fun speculating about these mysteries for quite some time.

    And I also thought that Locke would come back to life in the island! It would have been amazing! And we never saw FLocke turn to smoke monster with some cheesy CGI! Boo! 😛

  5. @pilouuu,
    I came up with some ideas on this..thanks to you really. You said something interesting in your theory which got me thinking: “Ben said that Jack should put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet because… that was the instructions MIB indirectly gave to Ben”…What actually happened was Mrs. Hawking told Jack to do this, probably without Ben’s knowing because then Ben would have instructed him to do it first..not important though…

    Here’s my thought: There are 2 ways this could have happened, we’ll never know. Either mib DID KNOW about the shoes and he gave instructions through the Others chain-of-command to tell Jack to do so, or mib did NOT know and it was something Mrs.Hawking knew was important.

    If it came from MIB, maybe this gave him an advantage of some sort. He already replicated/influenced Christian, so maybe he had to have something of Christians to now replicate Locke. Maybe this allowed him to be both Christian and Locke; he did mimic Christian again at Othersville when he spoke with Sun and Lapidus.

    If MIB did NOT know, maybe this gave MIB a disadvantage. He replicated Locke’s body thinking everything on his body was his, but the shoes were Christian’s. Maybe that broke the rules somehow..

    Anyhow, thanks for posting..

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