Just rewatched Sundown (Sayid one) with new eyes. I concluded:

1) Sayid made his own hell while in ‘limbo’. As his brother’s wife, Nadia was always so near but yet so far.

2) MIB ‘healed’ Sayid. He was dead for hrs. The temple people didn’t bring him back. MIB wanted him as the man inside, and the one they would send as he couldn’t be killed by MIB. MIB sent in Claire knowing Sayid was alive and would be sent out to ‘kill’ him … a task that would fail for Dogan – but be a big win for MIB as he got his minion.

3) They made up the ‘extra’ people ‘cuz Keamy couldn’t have really wanted that. (Curious how that applies to Rousseau/Ben – did they always have the secret hots for one another? Also, think Mrs. H interacted w/Des in 80s as a ‘ghost’ AND perhaps Des was limbo-dead from when he blew his clothes off … )

4) When Sayid said ‘all I ever wanted died in my arms’ he was talking about Shannon and not Nadia – but the writers did their clever misdirection by showing Nadia in the episode. (Poor Nadia, wonder how it feels to have your one true love pick someone else to live with throughout eternity.)

5) Smokie’s kinda’ retarded when he’s just Smoke. (Could he have killed Kate had she not hung on the side of the place where it had to put on the lotion?)

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5 thoughts on “Sundown

  1. Good job with number 4. I totally agree.

    About number 5….yeah, there’s a LOT retarded with smokie. I still can’t believe the way “it” dies in the finale. SO unepic, it wasn’t even funny. I mean, I understand that we weren’t supposed to understand what Smokie was, or how it COULD be killed. But they still failed to really put anything interesting into it when it mattered most at the end. It remeains a mystery what the hell smokie ever was. Smokie being the devil is about all I got…..

  2. waycurious, good to see you back here posting…
    I wanted to reply to your second comment about Sayid being healed by MIB..

    You have some really good logic to your argument, but I still can’t believe it because I tend to believe (without evidence)that MIB just did not have power to raise the dead, mainly because he was a false-resurrection himself. Only the island had the power to raise dead (again without evidence), because the light source itself was life + rebirth. That power was somehow transferred to the water. Here’s my huge theory:

    Sayid was a candidate, and candidates can only be killed resulting from the action of another candidate. Sayid was shot in 1977; that could have happened before he became a candidate. I realize from Sayid’s perspective, that happened AFTER he became a candidate, but perhaps time traveling to 1977 somehow allowed the rules not to be fully enforceable.

    So when he came back to 2007, he was fully a candidate, but still suffering from a 1977 injury. He fully died of course. The temple water recognizes and is a representation of Jacob’s rules. If the water was clear, i believe Sayid would have been instantly healed or resurrected.

    Since the water was dirty, took some time..
    But because Sayid was a candidate, even unclean water works..

    This was demonstrated with Hurley drinking the dirty water from the stream to “become” like Jack..

    Hehe mine’s much longer, and your’s makes more sense and more believable, but i thought i’d post it anyways..

  3. About the pool; I was pretty sure Dogen and his 2IC were going to “resurface” at some point after Sayid killed them in the pool. However, they may indeed have been revived. If so they probably would have returned to their old job of guarding the Temple under Hurley’s reign as the Island protector.

  4. @Chiefof16, I actually liked the way they handled Smokey’s death. We were told for so long that Desmond was special, and we saw him do some pretty amazing things, but we didn’t know until the end exactly how him being special would play into the ultimate fate of things. His role in the afterlife, I think, was trivial (I’m not a superfan of the purgatory idea). I mean, if they created that “place” on their own to be able to find one another and remember, they would’ve eventually remembered; Des maybe just sped the whole thing up a bit.

    Desmond was special, in respect to mattering in the end, because he could withstand electromagnetic energy like no one else. Then we found out how Smokey was created in “Across the Sea”, and you start to think, maybe what’s making him what he is is down there somewhere; if only someone could get to it.

    I thought those pieces of the story came together nicely. My only semi-complaint would be that “Across the Sea” came a bit too late in the series. I think it would have been better placed perhaps earlier in Season 6, but who knows.

  5. Inquisitor –

    I see your point, but I still didn’t really care for it. If Des was so special, why was Jack pretty much able to do what Desmond was able to do regarding the cork? And like you said, in the afterlife time didn’t exist. Was Des really needed to bring everyone together there? I think you raise a good question about that.

    I agree though. As much as I actually liked Across the Sea, it came too late. The final impact would have been MUCH more anticipated if we had seen the events in that episode at a much earlier date. Imagine the theories and speculations that would have had time to surface if we had an entire yeat to ponder “the light”. Remember, people were constantly talking about Jacob and MIB’s beach conversation for an entire year. Oh well.

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