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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

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  1. I’m joking of course. I was just wondering how everyone was doing. I miss the show. I truly do. It was as epic as epic could be. The “wanting to know what was going to happen next” at all times was remarkable, and it was remakably done. I feel kind of bad for dogging the finale like I did. It wasn’t what I (I wish I could capitalize the “I” more) wanted, but it was still great for what it was. I also miss the characters more than I thought I would, so I suppose I should apologize for doggin them as well. I’m lookin forward to the DVD/Bluray set. I simply cannot wait to see what’s in store for us.

    AES, IamJacob, Admin(of course), bobt, Highbrow, and many others….. Thanks for all the entertaining hours of theory/comment reading that I’ve had the pleasure of doing. It was a truly memorable show that we all had the chance to share.

    I’m gonna get back to my Icehouse now. But I hope to see the crowd back here some time in late August or early Septemeber.

  2. Hey what up Chief.. I just got back from an awesome day at the lakehouse and 4th of July fireworks..doing a late night check for any new posts on my favorite site..see this crazy theory about how Jacob’s really evil..haha..well good to see you back here Chief..I also look forward to when the DVD set comes out and maybe some of us can get some more theories and thoughts posted..

    Happy 4th of July everybody! (haha I forgot, not everybody on the site is American..I’m to tired to think right now.. later..)

  3. Don’t go soft on the creators now. They have one and only one chance to redeem themselves, and that is with the DVD set.

  4. @ilie, true..hopefully they’ve got some good bonus material with Hurley, Ben, and Walt scenes I’ve read about…

    @Everybody reading this post,
    I’ll take this opportunity to remind everybody about emzi’s other Lost site alternatelostendings.com
    Please give it a try and write something!
    I’d love to hear other people’s versions of Lost endings…

    There are two new writings up there from new writers kevtheloser and cp123 that are fantastic reads..I just read them both and commented. It’s good to see other people up there besides me, I feel like I’m hogging the site with my 100 page novel I’m writing heehee..

  5. Its hard to believe its been over a month since the show ended…honestly this summer feels like it just began, and its halfway over already.

    Chief…do you own any of the blurays or dvds?
    Anyone own any of the blurays?

    I havent been to the fiction site bobt, but I frequent the TV site quite often.
    Ill eventually get into the fiction site, just a little more time off.

    Im glad you posted this Chief, I have been wondering if anyone still comes here…have you been on the TV site yet?

  6. bobt – I took a look at your alt. ending the other day. I didn’t have time to finish it, but what I did read was impressive. I like the format in which you’re writing it too. It’s easy to understand and picture it in the mind. Since I’m thinking about it, I’ll probably go finish it up now……

    ilie – Can’t wait to see what’s on it. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m going soft on the writers all the sudden, I just don’t really care anymore. Even if they did explain the island better in the finale, it’s over now. But yeah, I’m going to buy the set, probably bluray (If I get a PS3 in time) and I’m also hoping that we, the hardcore Lost fans, get our money’s worth with the purchase.

    AES – I get a strange feeling when I come on here now. I feel like I’m in a ghost town. Everything just seems really silent. Weird.

    Anyway, I don’t own any of the DVD’s or Blurays. I have all the seasons on my computer for easy/quick viewing when someone has a question regarding specific details within an episode. But I’m sure the Bluray will be worth it. The greenery of the island looked stunning in high def on ABC, so I’m assuming the Blurays would look even better or at least less grainy.

    I checked out the TV site, it looks like there’s some fun to be had in there. I like Breaking Bad and (sort of) True Blood, but that’s about it. I don’t watch TV much at all, but maybe I’ll sign up and throw a few things around….

  7. Hey All, I think the Season Six DVDs/BlueRays get released in August..

    I’ve visited the TV site, I just keep going to the Lost portion..so then I just keep coming back to this site hehe… I don’t watch any other shows, yet… I must say, I will be watching NBC’s “The Event” coming this fall, sounds really good, I’ll be looking for thoughts and comments about that show..

    Chief, sounds good.. Thanks for reading it.. It probably will end up being 100 pages..I just had an cool idea, I’ll make it 108 pages or 23 episodes!… Na, I can’t do that, to difficult to plan, it will end when it ends..

  8. Hey ‘Chief’!
    My first time back on the site since lost finished pretty much.

    funnily enough, i was driving home from work only the other day thinking about Lost; wondering if i will ever watch it again. thinking about all the hours that we’d all spent on here trying to guess what things meant, why things were happening and possibly what would happen……..

    I dont know if i could put the hours in (again) to watch it all over knowing how it ended. i mean i did like the ending, i just really didnt like season 6.

    all of us guys must have put thousands of hours into theorising what might happen, wondering what super amazing twist the writers would come up with next to prove us wrong but we just didnt get that and with regards to the series, i feel quite empty.

    i mean i really enjoyed this site. ive never ever found myself thinking so deeply about a tv show and im sure dozens of others will say the same. i just wish they’d explained some of the more sci-fi stuff a bit more. i didnt want a foolproof scientifically realistic explaination, just something that said why turning the wheel made the island move, why Des could resist the Emag radiation…….. i know the list goes on but the more important stuff should have had a much better send off.

    also, your comment about a ‘ghost town on here’ is quite apt. i look at the bottom of my screen and there is only me and 2 guests online…….

  9. bobt, nice to hear it. i just wish we were back all theorising again. i loved all the various scientific theories that were thrown into the mix on here.

    the thing is, the other website that Emzi set up; brilliant idea but it just isn’t the same is it really?

    i don’t know about anyone but i just don’t feel that passionate about discussing and theorising over other tv shows. nothing really pushes the same buttons that Lost did, well none do for me anyway….

    i’ll probably buy the DVD, only just to complete the collection though, not because i want to watch it again

  10. I_Am_Jacob –

    I hear ya. There were some quality times spent on this site for sure. I miss it. I (We) can only hope that it rejuvinates somewhat once the box set comes out next month. There’s still a lot to talk about (since the writers left ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING open) and discuss regarding the mysteries.

    I think my biggest question is this: Did they ever really have a plan for most of these mysteries? Or did they seriously throw intriguing things in the show whenever they felt like it just to keep people watching. I want to know how badly our attention was being raped from the beginning. I want to know if they were planning on going anywhere with what they showed us. I’d be happy once I knew the answer to that.

    Anyway, I agree….there’s no other show like Lost. I simply can’t get into any other show, or website right now for that matter. True Blood and Breaking Bad are fun, but that’s all they really are. This site (and show) was one of a kind, and I think I’d like it to remain that way.

    bobt –

    As rarely as I check up on this site anymore, I hope this site gets a major boost in company once the box set comes out. Like I was basically just saying, there’s still TONS of stuff to conversate on. It’s just the matter of people getting back into it. I think everyone was a little exhausted once it ended, I know I was. Hopefully there’s a second wind here in a couple months. I hope to have the time to be able to get back into this show sometime in September or October. We’ll see.

  11. I think the epilogue will put us back on here for a while. Still trying to watch other shows to replace Lost but I’ve realized that no show will ever replace Lost no matter how much I love other shows on now like Mad Men. If you watch the interview where Michael Emerson first announced the epilogue on the DVD set, he didn’t deny that it could become a spin-off when he was asked, he kind of dodged the question if I remember correctly. So, if the spinoff is well written enough, and the DVDs sell well, this epilogue could turn into an extremely short pilot. Thoughts?

  12. Lost felt unfinished. I think a spinoff series could help finish the story. I could think of many storylines. I mean, they left so much wide open.
    A lot of people try to say some of the unanswered questions were hinted at. But let some decent writers get hold of this and turn it on its ear.
    Every character and about every actor that was in the original, could be written back into a spinoff series. Whether the actors would be interested is up for debate. I hope the fan community doesn’t just shrink and go away. Let’s start a ground swell for a new series.
    Whether its on ABC or Syfy, or even straight to the internet, I think a lot of fans would be interested.
    Maybe the owner of this site or some other website building fan should get involved. I’d pledge to watch, and even pledge to spend money on Blurays, T-shirts, etc.

  13. I totally agree. However, bringing back every character or close to it would not be smart. It would stray away from the finale. In the end, they all knew what happened in their past lives from years after what we saw. So, writing back in the off-island people (Kate, Sawyer, Claire, etc) would mean that they already knew they went back to the island after Jack’s eye closed and the series ended. I do think if there is a spinoff it should be based on Hurley and Ben’s journey on the island while Hurley is ruler. But yes, no matter where it was, even if I had to buy extra cable to get it, I would definitely watch it.

  14. I think it would be a cool spinoff to start it in the 1970s, when the Dharma Initiative first came to the island..
    Or what happened on the island 2004-2007..
    Oh this is such wishful thinking..
    @Penelopedean, good to see you back here..

  15. I’m with bobt on this one. The spin-off should still take place on the island in the past at some point. But WITHOUT any of the main characters.

    Example – Mikhail. That guy survived some pretty unsurvivable catastrophes, and I’d still to this day like to see how that was possible. Even just a glimpse of him drinking out of the healing pool would suffice.

    The amount of unsolved mysteries in Lost could result in a SERIOUS back story spin-off, with answers to things lightly scattered throughout a few seasons.

    The amount of possibilities is virtually endless in terms of where you could take the history of the island, or even Dharma.

  16. I didn’t really say that a spinoff would need our main Losties. But I do think there is room to bring many of them back, some for limited roles.
    If you didn’t want to bring back the ones who escaped on 316, then so be it, but I see no reason they couldn’t have a part in what happens next and even the islands history. The fact that they show up in the purgatory, shouldn’t keep them from having another adventure.
    And since Lost deals with time travel, some of the characters can be encountered before. Take for instance, Daniel Faraday, we don’t know everything he did in the 70’s in Ann Arbor, and we don’t know all he did in the 90’s because he lost his memory.
    I think a storyline that follows Dharma after 1977 up to the Purge would be cool. Also, maybe another group of castaways, that can help answer some of the questions while also adding a group of new characters to learn about.
    To me the perfect story would Involve Hurley and Ben having to do something to save the world. And that would involve all the various island phenomena(time travel) etc. And then would be used to explain why many of those brought to the island got there. They all weren’t brought by Jacob.

  17. How about a vessel that crashed during the ’90s. On it could be Ilana and Bram, and possibly a character or two that we know became others.

  18. Glad to see some recent posts… certainly miss the show. bobt, haven’t read your novel yet but will do so.

    i’ll also put in a plug for the site, alternatelostendings.com… i wrote something with Ben and Hurley, post-season 6, called “Letting Go: Full Episode”.

    If anyone’s interested, check it out… i’d like to write more… but it’s tough when it feels like a ghost town 🙂

    Looking forward to the epilogue and hopefully a spin-off of some kind….

  19. ClairesPB! good to see you post in..
    If you ever post another one at alternatelostendings, I’ll certainly read it and comment! really enjoyed your first one…I know what you mean by ghost town, I never see more than 3 guests on the site..I’m still having a blast writing mine, just finished episode 20, which is a big reveal/climax to the story, definitely let me know if you ever make it to that point…

  20. I’d like to see a fake national geographic type show about the history and cultures that have been on the island, that’d be cool.

    Or they could do a one-off movie deal, where we at least see the Egyptians on the island and whoever built the statue to fill in the gaps in the shows history/present/future. It would be cool if it had Ben and Hurley in it, and plenty of time travelling madness. It would be sweet to find out that Hurley is the one who organized the food drops!

  21. @ bobt – good to hear from you! thanks for the feedback on my post on the alternatelostnendings.com – can’t believe you’ve written 20 episodes, that’s amazing! will definitely roll through them the next couple of weeks…. maybe Lost will pick them up as part of the spin-off 🙂

  22. I just popped back on as Nikki Stafford said on Facebook about the extra 12 minutes being leaked (there is more on her blog about her thoughts on it in white text so as not to spoil) – and I came on here to see what people were saying and just couldn’t resist. I miss it so much before I knew it I’d clicked away and was watching those precious 12 minutes with that buzz of adrenaline that only Lost brought on with a first viewing of a new ep each time.

    So if anyone does want to talk about it get in touch. I miss this site (didn’t realise how much time I’d spent on it) and all your comments, character and discussion.

    No TV show compares. I’ve tried to like True Blood, I really have. The Walking Dead could be good but I’m in the UK so we’ll get it way later.

    But nothing compares to Lost. Definitely bring on the spin off. And I agree, Chief, I think Mikhail has a role to play there. He did get one of the best bloopers too!

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