Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Sept. theory contest entry.

Here is my entry into the September theory contest.

Very simply put, the pilot was killed because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think Smokey was trying to get at Jack and Kate. The pilot was stupid in sticking his head out the window and Smokey went for the first thing that moved.

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4 thoughts on “Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Sept. theory contest entry.

  1. Very inside the box. The only great thing about how Darlton ended Lost, is that they left so much fertile ground for other stories. Why couldn’t this be a part of another story?

  2. Short and sweet…Even if MIB was not trying to kill Jack and Kate, he was obviously most concerned with them overall…not the stupid pilot…my only other line of thought would be his words about their coordinates as I touched on in my theory…but I fully agree that Seths stupidity in sticking his head out to take a peek is what did him in…wrong place, wrong time indeed!

    Good thoughts Achalli!

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